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Teri Silva wrote on October 8, 2008
Rachel, I can't believe its October, I don't know where the time has gone. I just wish that this year would have been different. I know your watching over everyone. I hope you smile every time we have a thought of you that makes us smile. The fun times that you shared and the lives of the people that you touched. No matter what this world brings to any of us down here, just know that this place is better because of you, and even now, you are affecting people. I hope that everyone that reads your story can at least affect one person, then your story will hopefully change the lives of many. I know that your lighting up heaven with your big bright smile!!! So keep smilin' and I know everyone down here will do there best to honor your memory and tell your story!!! Miss you....today, tomorrow and always!
michael wrote on October 7, 2008
I am sorry to here of your loss. My friend Dalton lost his dad and his dads girlfriend two days before his birthday. I hope you will continue to fight on
Shelby Yancey wrote on October 7, 2008
Hello! Im so sorry, i didn't know Rachel but I sympathize with your pain. I almost lost my mother to a drunk driver. I know you must be devestated but I will pray for everyone to deal with this tragedy. God Bless!
Shannon from PA wrote on October 2, 2008
I am so sorry for your loss. My brother, Brian, was 18 in 2006. He got in with a drunk driver. They crashed. Of the four teens in the car, my brother was the only fatality. I feel the depth of the loss every day of my life, and I know I'll miss him forever. Sadly, there are just SO MANY that (still) just refuse to believe the message, the warnings. I hope you all never give up tyring to send that message. Please know I'm with you in this fight. God bless.
Teri SIlva wrote on October 1, 2008
Good Morning Rachel, I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you today, well actually everyday...... But I didn't want to fill up your message board with all my messages!!! LOL. You are missed dearly everyday by everyone that you touched!!! This world is a better place because you were are in it! Miss you! Love you!
janet wrote on September 28, 2008
i met rachel my first day of high school. i was crying because everything was going wrong and she recognized me from coming to my house cause she was friends with my older sister, she saw me crying and asked what was wrong, i told her how i couldn't get my locker open and i didn't know anyone and my sister wouldn't talk to me cause i wasn't cool enough. Rachel helped me get another locker and helped me meet people. i miss her so much. i cry for you every day....
adamou abbo wrote on September 27, 2008
hi i never knew rachel but knows the pain to lose somebody killed by drunk drivers my brother was killed last week by one .he was 27 came from africa just graduated and married about to start a promising life killed by this guy who is still alive. the bad people take the wheels to terminate the good ones. i never knew rachel but i'm praying for her soul pray for brother please
John Floyd wrote on September 23, 2008
Hey Rachel, not a day goes by i don't think of you and that always happy smile, I never knew how important you were to me till you where gone I wish it was not so soon My friend played a message of you singing and out came all those tears all over again. You are MISSED greatly, I wish you where still here being the greatest person you have always been. You truely did and still do make this world a greater place, everytime I go through a rough point in life and want to just give up I think of you! I miss you dearly, and could not ask for a better person to be watching from above! TTYL
Teri Silva wrote on September 22, 2008
Good Morning Rachel, It is the first day of fall. I am thinking about you and how much you loved this time of year. Its now been 7 months and it isn't any easier. Everyone down here misses you so much, keep smiling down upon us with your big, bright smile!! You are forever loved and greatly missed!
Teri Silva wrote on September 20, 2008
Hi Rachel, I am writing to you as I wait to board my plane in Long Beach. I was down here all week for work. I thought about you so much this week as for this is down where someone cut your life short. I miss you Rachel, as does your entire family and all the friends that you made while you were here. Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you, and that I finally visited So. Cal, it was so pretty down here, the weather was just perfect and refreshing!!! Miss You!!
Debbie Hayden wrote on September 20, 2008
Hi Rachel - Jeff and I were in Yosemite last week and there were signs everywhere to report drunk drivers by calling 911. You are supervising from above as I am always on the lookout for you! You have your little worker bees down here, always wanting to help. Your job here isn't finished Rachel, you are directing us all now from Heaven. We are working for you Rachel to improve our roads and fulfill a very important need.
Mya wrote on September 19, 2008
My heart and my prayers go out to the family and friends as the 7 month anniversary of her death approaches...and with February coming back along. Just from the few people I know who knew her, I know she was an amazing woman and she will be forever missed.
Rachel's Mom, Jill wrote on September 18, 2008
To anyone who has left a message for us or for Rachel, THANK YOU. Rachel's death has been the most devastating experience and your messages help light the way during this very dark time. Love, the Elliott Family
Isaac Herrera wrote on September 17, 2008
My name is Isaac Herrera, I went to junior high with Rachel in Corona. We werent the closest of friends but I remember her always with a smile on her face. I moved to Chicago in 2004 after 8th grade, so i lost contact with alot of people obviously. I recently found my 8th grade yearbook in some boxes and began searching old friends' names on myspace and came upon Rachels page. Unfortunately she wasnt there to accept the friend request. She has been on my mind the past 2 weeks since I found her and I just see life in a different way now. Drunk driving has been a tragedy in my family in the past as well so I just pray for Rachels family and for whoever reads this to do anything in your power to help stop drunk drivers. I know Rachel is in heaven watching over everyone and ask her to help those who are still having difficulty coping with her passing. She is now an angel watching over us all from a place where pain and suffering is unknown. RIP Rachel you are missed and loved... -Isaac
Judy Renton wrote on September 16, 2008
The tears run down my cheeks as i write this. Please know you are all in our hearts. She was & always will be a beauty in everyones eyes as we read your story. she may be gone yet will never be forgotten.
Melanie wrote on September 13, 2008
I was introduced to your family through Chris, who was a high school friend. I'm so glad he found me. I have a 17 year old high school senior who also participated in Every 15 minutes last year. She sang at the end of the assembly. After reading about Rachel, they have so much in common. Their faith, the source of their strength, being the strongest one. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain you have been through and still go through. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I want you to know this has touched me more than you can imagine.. and I will definitly send out your message to everyone I can. What an impact your Rachel is "still" having.. God is using her and your family to touch so many lives.. Thank you for offering that to us.. changing lives, hearts and undoubtedly planting seeds to prevent this from happening again.
Teri Silva wrote on September 11, 2008
Hi Rachel, Its late, and I am having a hard time sleeping, so I wanted to stop by and say hello. I think about you everyday, even if I don't write. I just wish that you were down in southern california enjoying your college years, and that all of this is just a bad nightmare. The time goes by and it doesn't get any easier. I know that you know you touched so many people while you were here, but you continue to change peoples lives from up in heaven! You are such an amazing person, and this world is better because you were here, now you just have to keep everyone down here safe, I realize thats a big job, but if anyone is capable, its you!! I know that you see all of us down missing you everyday, but its just because you are sooooo loved!!!Althogh we do know that your in a safe place now. RIP Rachel~You are forever loved!
Stacy Jennings wrote on September 10, 2008
I was hit by a drunk driver in october 03. I was sorry to hear about rachel. My heart goes out to her family.
Joyce Whitman wrote on September 10, 2008
My significant other was injured 24 years ago. He has spent those years as a quadriplegic, unable to move from his shoulders down. Each day he prays for the strength to go on. May God bless you with the strength to continue this web site.
ALexandria wrote on September 9, 2008
im sorry