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Andre Mesa wrote on August 11, 2008
Hey Rachel, It has been a hard 6months, not being able to talk to you and those amazing hugs no one else could give. They say when you leave this world its not what you take with you but what you leave behind,and when you left, you left an impression on people that will last a life time. A sweet and caring girl whos love for everyone and anyone was endless, and how you made people feel so welcome and comfortable with open arms. You are an amaizing person Rachel, and will always be missed, but never forgoten, your memory lives on through every life you have touched. I miss you so much, but i know your in a better place now. Im glad i had a chance to be a part of your life and one of those lives you have touched.
Teri Silva wrote on August 9, 2008
Hi Rachel, Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I was thinking about you. Summer is almost over and soon it will be fall, your favorite time of year. I can't wait to watch all leaves change color!!! You are a truly amazing girl, that has touched the lives of so many of us down here. Please keep smilin that big bright smile down on everyone here that loves and misses you so very much! 🙂
Mom wrote on August 8, 2008
My beautiful Rachel, I miss the clean smell of your hair, the way you would slip your arm around my waist, your bright eyes, your voice...All that was you my sweet daughter. I love you, Mom
Kadee wrote on August 7, 2008
I can't believe what world we live in. Such innocence that is destroyed in an instant. i am very sorry about the loss. Have a happy life and smile always.
Sarah Durish wrote on August 6, 2008
Two months ago I was hit by a drunk driver. I keep feeling so angry becuase it is hard financially and physically. But you made me realize that it is amazing that I am still here with my family. I am truly, truly sorry for what you had to go through. I hope that eveything you had to go through didn't hurt because that has been the worst for me. And I hope you never felt alone. I would have loved to hear you sing! For me singing is my life!!! I promise to fight for you, to change things for you, so that this world may know what it is like to be a victim.
Jeff Skelton wrote on August 6, 2008
Rachel, We miss you so very much. So many songs I hear remind me of you daily. I think of the times we sang together in church and how beautiful your voice is. Now you get to sing to the One who gave you that voice. You will always be like a daughter to me.
Robert Mesa wrote on August 6, 2008
We knew Rachel a very short time. she came into our house and from the the first day my wife Sandra and I were imediatly taken by her. Our prayers are for her family to have lost such a precious member of the family is hard to accept. We will always remember Rachel she although, brief brought a radiant sence of happiness into our house and into my Son. God Bless you Rachel and for the privilege of you touching our lives.
becky wrote on August 5, 2008
hello I don"t know you but i feel your pain. I lost a son in 2004 and it seemed like the hardest thing to over come but i finally did . I will be praying for your family r.i.p.
Teri Silva wrote on July 30, 2008
Hey Rachel, Im just having one of those days that I can't stop thinking about you, so I figured I should stop in and say hi. You are truely missed and foreved loved by everyone who's life you touched. I still don't believe that your gone, even though its been 5 months. Keep smilin down on us, we miss you everyday.
Jennie Nelson wrote on July 29, 2008
I never met any of yall but your story is all too familiar. Beautiful souls gone way too soon for no reason other than someone elses "good time". I lost my 20 year old cousin this way last year. Yall are in my thoughts and prayers.
Amber Early wrote on July 28, 2008
Hi i don't know you, but the same thing that had happened to you has happened to my cousins. They were hit by a drunk driver on their way home from a store. she was 7months pregnant and her daughter was only 3, they had both died instantly....you sound like you were a very loving person and so does your family. You are now at peace. r.i.p..xoxoxo
Daddy wrote on July 25, 2008
Rachel: We dedicated a beautiful memorial garden for you at your old home at Riverbend Commons in Corona. Your friends from the YLN gathered to honor you during their retreat. We spread some of your ashes there, and so your body will live on in the flowers and the vegetables that are grown there to feed some of the people you love. We miss you everday, all the time. We are still so sad. I never knew how deep it could go, and it keeps going deeper. I love you. I wish I could put my arm around you and stroke your silky hair and hold your little hand.
chental rios wrote on July 24, 2008
i want 2 say rachel i miss u sooo very much!! i think about all the good time u help me out and seeing u sing at the church all the good memories we had together and kno i will never for get about u!! well love and miss u soo very much R.I.P. i will keep ur family in my thoughts and prayers!!!
beth lyerla wrote on July 24, 2008
just viewed the birthday memorial. awesome!! hello to you chris (lando). what a great job you have done and continue to do. keep up the fight. she would have been so proud. i love you. beth lyerla
Saralyn wrote on July 23, 2008
You are thought of often. Your family and friends obviously love you tremendously...you must have truly been one amazing young woman. I try to believe that things happen for a reason but sometimes that is so difficult to do when someone with so much potential is needlessly taken away before they have accomplished all that they could have. I know that because of the great love your family has for you they will never give up. Therefore, because they lost you, someone else will be given the chance to live...and hopefully alot more families will not have to suffer through what yours has.
Lindsay wrote on July 22, 2008
5 months today...... I love you more than ever. I miss you and I want you back. I want to hear your sweet voice and I want to hear you giggle. I know you're out there some where, some where better than here.
Desiree wrote on July 22, 2008
I came across this article for a research paper for school on drunk driving. I recently joined MADD and I am joining to school for criminal justice and believe me when i tell you i am going to voice my opinion when I make it. To Rachel's family I am truely soory for your loss and I hope the person that did this to her goes to jail for life. To everyone that reads this lets put an end to this for Rachel and everyone else that suffered.
Rachel Elliott wrote on July 21, 2008
I don't know you but we share the same name!!! I lost a good friend 2 years ago in the same circumstances and i know what you's are going through!! You seemed like a lovely humble person Rachel! You are at peace now! R.I.Pxoxo
Teri Silva wrote on July 11, 2008
Hi Rachel, Its late and I can't sleep so I thought I would write you to tell you that you are always in my thoughts. You mean so much to so many people. I just wish that you were here so that all of us, especially your family wouldn't be hurting. Your family is so amazing and I am so grateful that I can say I have the opportunity to have you guys as a part of my life. Well goodnight! Keep smiling down on us down here, we all miss you so very much!
russell wrote on July 9, 2008
It's so hard losing a loved one, Only GOD knows why? I lost my mom 9/11 and my son 2 yrs later to SIDS,so I know the pain my heart goes out to your family and I'll keep Rachel in my prayers.