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Melody Robbins wrote on July 8, 2008
To the family I understand your pain as my Niece was taken from us at 19 years of age in a car accident. She too was a bright young lady who was following her dreams!! She was killed 2/18/07, your story touched my heart, please know that my thoughts are with all of you!!!
michele wrote on July 7, 2008
i am really sorry 4 the family,keep the good memories alive and may God bless you all
Tammy Cantrell-Williams wrote on July 6, 2008
i honestly can feel your unbearable pain. I lost my only son,and his best friend to a drunk driver July 6, 2006. I am so very sorry. I can not communicate much this weekend,because I can verily breath I was just looking on our news webpage and saw your website.Hopefully another day I can Write and wxplain the hell we have been through...You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers
?,? wrote on July 5, 2008
I'm one of Rachelle's 3rd, or 2nd cousins. I don't remember, I lose track. but I am touched that all of you care and our trying to do something. My recommendation, is to go to www.MADD.org and sign one of the petitions against drunk driving.
Michael wrote on July 3, 2008
I am deeply sorry for your loss. I came across this web site while researching DUI statistics for my job. I work for a company who is trying to help with this problem and I will do my best to see that this tragety does not happen to anyone else. Again, my prayers and love are with you, so that you can heal from this.
IPO SALE wrote on July 2, 2008
Dear Rachels family,I am verry sorry for your loss,i live in hawaii where teens drive under the influence,my goal in life is to spread the message that a life can be taken by doing the wrong thing.I am recently in a program called olelo and I am verry inspired by your familys story that i want to do a commercial on it. Again im sorry for your loss, may god bless your family and Rachel.
Carol Duarte wrote on June 25, 2008
God I Pray You Would Bless Rachel, Comfort Her Family and Friends, and Speak Loudly To Person That Took Her Life, That They Might Accept Your Forgiveness and Live Their Life For You Too. In Jesus Name, Amen.
Kat wrote on June 25, 2008
I just came across your site out of chance. I am so sorry for your families loss, and pray that justice is served.
Curtis Wilson wrote on June 24, 2008
Rachel, We were able to honor you yesterday at your birthday party. Your family and friends love you so very much rachel, as do I.. You are so very beautiful, And so very missed. Love you always Curtis
Teri Silva wrote on June 24, 2008
Happy Birthday Rachel! I wish you were here to enjoy the celebration. You are such an amazing person, everyday I think about you and your family. You are greatly missed and forever loved!!
Gina D. Sanchez-Hughes wrote on June 22, 2008
Hello, I didn't know Rachel however I walk in very similar shoes. I met Rachel's Uncle last night at my job. I helped him make flyers and a poster in her honor for the memorial tonight. I myself and my three kids were hit head-on by a drunk driver. My children and I were blessed to have survied the accident. I don't know why some of us are left here on earth and some are taken to heaven. I will continue to fight against drunk drivers and see that the laws in this country are enforced for those who choose to break them. I will pray for Rachel's family. It is an honor to have met a family member and here his story.
Ashley Clifford wrote on June 21, 2008
I'm in class with Sheri. She did her speech on Rachel on thursday night. It was wonderful! I was touched by Rachel's story! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Jeff and Debbie Hayden wrote on June 19, 2008
Dearest Rachel, Even though we never met you, you will remain in our hearts forever. I don't know how something this horrific could have possibly happened in our neighborhood. We are so sorry for that! We are looking forward to meeting your family on Sunday and being with you in spirit on your 19th Birthday. You were such a special girl to have left such a lasting impression on your friends, family and those who didn't even know you. Rest in Peace Rachel!
A wrote on June 19, 2008
sorry, forgot the address: keppley17972@verizon.net
A Stranger wrote on June 19, 2008
PLEASE can someone email me as soon as possible. I left a message a few minutes ago, and have continued to look around at your site. I have been so touched by Rachel, that I would like to mention her and her story for my speech. I need to know who's permission I should ask. Thankyou, Sherri Keppley
A Stranger wrote on June 19, 2008
I am sorry for all of you. I am searching the internet for drinking and driving statistice for a persuasive speech I am doing, and I have been touched by your website. The pictures are beautiful. Rachel is beautiful. I too have lost a friend to drinking and driving. It is not a pain you forget, but you just have to keep reminding yourself that your loved one is still looking down on you, and still loving you. Keep her memory alive, by keeping her in your hearts. PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL -Sherri
Saralyn Tossetti wrote on June 18, 2008
Rachel, I wish I could have had the chance to meet you. You must have been a wonderful young woman. Your uncle spoke so highly of you and loved you so very much. I know you were loved by many!
Grandpa Trowbridge wrote on June 14, 2008
Besides missing you beyond belief, I also regret not knowing you were such a good poet! I love reading the verse you wrote. I wish you hadn;t kept them such a secret.
rachel thompson wrote on June 9, 2008
rachel* not a day goes by that i dont think about how special you were to me. you made my life better in every great way. i miss you alot! we grew up at crossrads christian church together and thats something that i will cherish forever. we all miss you every single person at crossrads that knew you. i miss you!!!! i give the best wishes to every single family member of yours for the hard rough times.
Brandon West wrote on June 8, 2008
I have recently lain awake for an entire night with worry because my older brother by some miracle managed to drive nonstop for between three and four hours while being intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness. I can not begin to imagine how you all are feeling right now. You have my deepest sympathy for your loss. May God bless all of you!