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Joann Gorman wrote on June 23, 2011
A friend of mine is serving as part of the jury to bring this peron to justice and I just read Rachel's story it brings me to tears... I pray that you all find piece and healing and a point of moving forward with a guilty conviction.... God bless you all.
Bill Watson wrote on June 23, 2011
I am so sorry for your loss! I was involved with MADD in San Diego for a number of years and assisted in several campaigns there. I was also involved with FADD (Friends Against Drinking and Driving) and love the fact that you have chosen to direct the energy created through this tragedy into raising the awareness of the issue. Your beautiful daughter lives on through this wonderful effort!
Donna Tice wrote on June 21, 2011
Steve my prayers last night and this am mirror your post...Holding you all close to heart
Rachel's Daddy wrote on June 19, 2011
Blessings to all of you for the outpouring of compassion and heartfelt comments left here for Rachel and her loved ones. We are painfully aware that, on our own, we lack the resources of strength we will need as the criminal trial finally begins. We appreciate your love, thoughts, and prayers. They give us the courage to face this dreadful proceeding. Our sincerest hopes are that the truth will be revealed, that the jury will have the opportunity to assess all the evidence, and that the judge will have the wisdom to fairly conduct the trial and justly sentence.
diane kordich wrote on June 18, 2011
I just was shocked by the similarities of our daughters. My daughter Amanda was 17yrs old when she too was killed by a drunk driver. It was July 28,2008. She had not yet started her senior year. There were not any prom pictures or graduation photos for her. She was very active in school. she danced on her varsity dance team, was on the yearbook staff, and helped with student council. Her energy was felt by all and she was friends to all. Her lifelong dream was to go to college and study forensic pathology. Please feel free to google her and see how her story has impacted DUI awareness, blood draws at hospitals, and signs for victims of DUI's I hope and pray that you can someday find a little peace. I haven't yet, but I do know that my little girl is having the time of her life dancing for Jesus in Heaven!!!
Suzanne wrote on June 15, 2011
I wanted to pay my respects to Rachel and her family, because I can not even imagine how hard it must be knowing that someone's carelessness costed you your daughter, but my mom lost her best friend that way and it does not make you feel any better watching pain from the side lines, but I want all of you to know that you are all very strong and I look up to the strength you show everyone every day and the forgiveness you show. Thank you.
Timothy E. White wrote on June 15, 2011
To the Elliott family: I am the owner of Moving Forward Assessment Services in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. Our company is an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment and DWI rehabilitation facility. We currently work with M.A.D.D. in administering the victims impact panels. We came upon this story by accident but are very glad that we have gotten this opportunity to share in Rachels story. I know this must be very difficult for your family as I know that being a father of three children that are now the same age as Rachel was I could'nt imagine the pain you must feel. But I just felt compelled to tell you that we are committed to eliminating tragedies like this and are committed to ensuring that the legacies of people like your daughter will forever be remembered through our work. Our sincere condolences to your family and wish you the very best.
Rebecca wrote on June 3, 2011
In the 90's Paige's mother came to speak to the sailors of the USS McKee in San Diego about the life and loss of Paige. It's been nearly 20 years since I saw her speak, but the impact of her words have stayed with me every day since. I pray that I never have to experience her's or your kind of pain, but if that is the cross God designed for me to bear, I pray that my faith is as unfailing as both of yours. Thank you both for your strength and wisdom. God bless you.
Paul Hawks wrote on June 1, 2011
I wanted to pay my respects to Rachael. I feel terrible about what happened to Her. I have been an EMT for over five years. The person who took Her life was my boss back in 2005. She even lectured Me and another trainee on how to drive an ambulance safely while driving with lights and sirens. It is sad to see Her true Hypocrisy. All my love goes out to Rachael and Her family 🙂 RIP.
Christina County wrote on May 27, 2011
I just want steve and jill to know that i think about Rachel all the time.You two raised an incredible person that i was very lucky to have known. She impacted my life like no other person i have ever known! Stay strong through the hard times,I know she is watching over all of us! you are always in my prayers and in my heart i love you!!
Maria Mora Madarigal wrote on May 26, 2011
Im realy sorry about your loss I can see that this girl was speacal to you guys and Im doing a presentation in my English class and i hope that they get something from this story thank you god bless you guys always have it in mind.
Jessica Elliott wrote on May 18, 2011
i never new you or your family but my heart goes out to you all. you see my mother made the decision to drink and drive in 1990 and wrapped her car around a pole and i have sworn to never drink and drive. then december 18, 2009 my sister who was 23 at the time made the decision to drive home after going to a party and collided with a logging truck. her truck burst into flames and died on impact. that was a hard time for our family i know that she was the driver and i'm so mad at her for that because she knows how i feel and the rest of my family feels about drinking and driving. i am so sorry for your loss i wish i had more to say but all i can say is i'm sorry
angelica gonzalez wrote on May 16, 2011
i just want to thank you jill for coming and speaking at our EFM event this past week. you moved so many people and many students were impacted. i am so proud to have known rachel for as long as i did. she changed my life and i missed her more than ever this week. thank you again. God bless you and your family.
Samantha wrote on May 15, 2011
In today's society, the police do not get enough credit for their hard work. To all those involved, you are our heroes. THANK YOU. As for the investigator that located and returned the fugitive, I can't imagine how hard it was to return Ms. Diaz from a foreign country. Maybe one day, the investigator would be willing to speak with Jill at one of the DUI functions. God bless him in his future endeavors. Continue to do what you do...
Mary Anne Lessa wrote on May 14, 2011
Jill, I want to thank you for sharing your story at school today. I was not lucky enough to have Rachel as a student but I did know her as a well liked, and involved student as you mentioned. I feel I now know your precious daughter a little better. My heart goes out to all of you.
Donna Tice wrote on May 12, 2011
Good morning Jill..thinking of you and praying for you this morning as you speak at the every 15 minutes program at Rachel's Alma Mater..Praying for strength and comfort and that every teen's thoughts about drinking and driving will be impacted
Terry Fountain wrote on May 12, 2011
Today, as Every 15 Minutes is taking place here at Rachel's high school in Orland, I am thinking of all of you, and missing Rachel as much as ever. Lyssie misses her best friend so very much, every day. The program today in the school is having such an emotional impact on all of us, and I know that Rachel is proud of everyone who is taking part in this powerful event that she believed in so strongly. Thank you, Rachel, for your legacy of love.
DonnaTice wrote on May 11, 2011
Steve, Jill and Erik...i read the case update..Praying for the hearing on Friday..that the judge will dismiss the defense attorneys request just like the gag order request. That the case would proceed and justice would prevail. Also, praying for Jill as she speaks to Rachel's former High School in the every 15 minute program...
Savannah Goodell wrote on May 3, 2011
I am writing a research paper about drunk driving and i came upon your story and it touched my heart. Thank you for sharing that story, and I'm truly sorry for your loss. God Bless
GwenSilvas wrote on May 1, 2011
I saw her story in the paper, as a mother of a 18 year old daughter I can't imagine yor pain. She was a very beautiful girl. Justice will be served!